K Shave Worx Dark Power Release Coming

K Shave Worx

The power duo of K Shave Worx has been on a tear of late, and coming next week is their next offering... Dark Power. If you're a fan of Guy Laroche Drakkar Noir (as I am) then this is the soap and aftershave for you - check out my first impression and review of it if you're (somehow) unfamiliar. It will be available next week (date so far unknown - stay tuned) on the #KShaveWorx site!

Here's the story behind the scent, from Christina Brown - who had the scent modeled after the one worn by her husband, David:

One of our awesome K Shave Worx testers, David Brown asked us to make a shave soap inspired by a cologne he wears. It was a fun process that we agreed to make. David's wife Christina helped design the label and name the soap and here is the story of why she wanted this awesome scent:

When David and I first met he wore Drakkar Noir and since we would only see each other on weekends (due to his job), I started sleeping with one of his shirts because it smelled like him. Every time I smelled the cologne; at stores, on other guys, or my mind just made it up, I would think of him and smile.

After we got married he continued to wear the same scent but now when we would get in an argument or I would get upset with him as soon as I smelled the scent of Drakkar Noir couldn't stay mad at him, it was like it had a "power" of me to forgive David. We have been together 12 years now and he has tried different colognes but none of them can measure up to Drakkar and the memories of our beginnings. To this day when we go out for special occasions (or if he messed up BIG ☺️) he will alway put on the Drakkar Noir. I will also smell his cologne to help my moods when I'm down or sad. I joke with David that that scent has a special, dark power over me and my moods.
And now K Shave Worx has made this awesome shave soap that smells just like Drakkar Noir.