SOTD - September 21, 2015


Shaving Product Review - PAA "Lime, Ginger & Tea Tree"

This Monday's SOTD is brought to you by the latest from #PAA - Lime, Ginger & Tea Tree #soap and #aftershave! A very refreshing, green scent featuring the latest soap formula.

This latest combo is actually an older scent, but started off as only a conditioning shampoo puck. It was so popular, it was decided to extend the line, which now includes soap, aftershave and deodorant. I covered the scent of it in my first impression ( but to recap:

Strong lime on the top note, hints of ginger. Just when you think the lime is starting to fade, it comes around for another pass as it dances with the ginger, for quite a while. On the base, the tea tree starts to come in but stays fairly green. It never gets that medicinal, biting smell that straight tea tree oil does. It feels very refreshing on the skin... The tea tree and menthol leaves your skin cooled, bright feeling for about 15-20m. In the end, I'm left with a faint, green scent. If you already have Lime Ice Sage aftershave or Salty Lime soap you might not gain (too) much by adding this to your collection - but it's different enough in a couple of ways to merit your attention.

Getting back to the soap for a minute, this is the new formula - it would seem that not much has changed, on the face of it. It now includes avocado oil. Once you've used it however, you realize what a game changer it is! It's hard to beat avocado oil when it comes to skin feel, be it a shaving soap or a bath bar. This is no exception. The shave itself felt a touch slicker, silkier. Especially on the third and final pass, where you really notice it. I felt the lather was a tad flatter than usual, but also creamier. I don't know that I'd call the new formula overall better - rather, different.

Between the avocado oil in the soap and the menthol and tea tree double header in the aftershave, the post-shave face feel was excellent. A bit less of a glycerin feel, more silky... Super smooth and soft!

Hardware today consisted of my #Merkur #Futur razor with a #PolSilver blade on shave four - with the #Dovo silvertip badger brush whipping up the creamy goodness in the #GTP scuttle.

While the scent isn't super unique, the avocado oil in the soap and the tea tree oil in the aftershave make it stand out. Lovely, green and refreshing!