SOTD - October 9, 2015

Chiseled Face

Shaving Product Review - Chiseled Face "Summer Storm"

Though it's not quite summer anymore, there's a storm a comin' both figuratively and literally on this #FriYAY SOTD by way of Chiseled Face Summer Storm #soap and #aftershave!

I've reviewed Summer Storm before ( as part of my petrichor shootout ( so I won't get into it too much here. Same as then, the soap produced immediate, billowing amounts of lather - and while it wasn't overly thick or creamy, it was nicely cushioning with ample glide. The aftershave shares the same scent, which on open is very earthy and somewhat ozonic - just like you'd imagine the opening of a rainstorm to smell like; that is - petrichor. As it dries down, you get a bit of pine and citrus while on the base it's more of a green fougére with some floral hints. The scent of fresh cut grass comes to mind throughout. The resulting post-shave face feel of the soap and more so the aftershave's aloe and glycerin - left my face feeling very soft and supple; a little silky.

Hardware today was my #Merkur #Futur razor fitted with a fresh #PolSilver blade, #SOC brush and #GTP scuttle to keep all the suds at bay.

A very nice #FriYAY shave with a killer scent - the scent of a Summer Storm! Earthy, freshly cut grass wet from the rain. A nice face feel that's not overdone; somewhat drier, silkier. If you have lathering issues, this soap should help - it explodes. Definitely give Chiseled Face a try. It's nice software, reasonably priced and an excellent performer with a variety of unique scents.

FYI - Pasteur Pharmacy in NYC now carries #chiseledface!