SOTD - April 14, 2017


Shaving Product Review - Wholly Kaw "Fern Concerto" and
Chatillon Lux "Blackberry Blossom Bay"

Two fantastic products today in the form of Wholly Kaw Fern Conerto #soap and Chatillon Lux Blackberry Blossom Bay #aftershave toner. I have ulterior motives for today's SOTD.

As mentioned, I have ulterior motives for today's SOTD, as I've reviewed Fern Concerto before, along with a follow-up quickie review - as well as reviewed Blackberry Blossom Bay.

In case of the former, it's to let everyone know that today's the last day to get in on the Fougére Bouquet Special Edition soap with donkey milk (also affectionately known as "ass milk"). This is the second soap offering (in the tallow base) with donkey milk. Its purported skin care is of some reknown, though granted the beauty enhancing properties won't help some of you... I've raved about the regular tallow soap - so this promises to be very choice. I grabbed a tub for myself along with the matching balm. You can of course also get a matching toner or aftershave as well... And I just might. But first things first.

In case of the latter, my matching set of soap and aftershave have finally shipped yesterday! The soap was a collaboration with #landlgrooming and due to high demand by fans of the original, limited edition offerings by #ChatillonLux in the form of an aftershave, toner and/or balm. Obviously I already have a bottle of the juice, but I decided to grab a spare. It's a great scent with outstanding performance so it was essentially a no-brainer. Look for another #WhollyKaw review next week!

Hardware today consisted of the #Merkur #Futur, still rocking a #PolSilver blade. The #SOC whipped up the suds in the #GTP scuttle. Usual stuff, but it's proven - and works fantastic together. In fact, the face feel today - combined with the BBS shave provided, is just truly outstanding. This setup provides what I consider among the best of shaves. Truly supple, smooth, moisturized feeling skin - ever so slightly "tacky" (as opposed to totally "dry" feeling and smooth). Neither are truly tacky or dry; you know what I mean.

So, lots of good stuff! Look for reviews on all this stuff next week...