SOTD - November 5, 2015

Barrister and Mann

Shaving Product Review - Barrister and Mann "Lavanille"

The absolutely awesome scent and performance of Barrister and Mann Lavanille #soap and #aftershave made for a great SOTD!

I've reviewed #BarristerMann Lavanille extensively before (see and Needless to say, it performed as expected - wonderfully!

Alas, the hardware is where today's SOTD fell apart a little. I used my #Merkur #Futur razor fitted with a #PolSilver blade - on shave six. Turns out this was one too many, and the shave was a little on the rough side. Still ended up being a BBS- shave but it wasn't comfortable. That'll teach me to be lazy about changing blades... But in my defense, I didn't do it because the razor needs a cleaning. C'est la vie! The #SOC brush whipped up the goods in the #GTP scuttle .

The best part of Lavanille is I get to smell this scent for the rest of the day! I'll definitely be ordering more of this stuff.