SOTD - June 12, 2015


Shaving Product Review - Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements "Malbolge" & "Tamanu Noir"

Happy #FriYAY! Today's SOTD is brought to you by PAA TaMalbolguNoir! Malbolge #soap and Tamanu Noir #aftershave. Complex scents that go together like chocolate and peanut butter!

The soap of choice is #PAA Malbolge - its top note is similar to Cavendish - tobacco. But it's not as "flavored" (sweet) as Cavendish. I get tobacco, musk - some hints of citrus and black pepper. A darker, somewhat piquant scent. It's different. It's nice. The brand new Tamanu Noir aftershave keeps it going with a sweet, nutty, very tonka-esque vibe. A lot like Ahabs Bitter but without the coffee hit. Also not quite as "buttery." I pick up the powder and a hint of amber also. Definitely different from what's out there. It might not be something you wear to the office so much (I did). It's a strong scent and projects - even after dry down! It reminds me of Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Oil. for some reason. Something about it though; it's a bit strange.

Hardware for today's SOTD is my neglected #SOC brush (which is bloomin' like mofo lately), the #Merkur #Futur razor on shave three or so on a #Gillette 7 O'clock (black) blade and naturally, zudz whipped up in the ol' #GTP scuttle. The blade is nicely broken in - so super smooth, super close...