SOTD - October 3, 2015


Tonight's SOTD is brought to you by the awesome Cold River Soap Works Fall LE #soap and Captain's Choice Cat o' Nine Tails #aftershave! The scents of fall and the warmth of a lil' bay rum!

I've reviewed the #coldriversoap Fall LE before ( so I won't do that again here; long and short of it - inspired scent, plush shave and outstanding post-shave face feel!

I've also reviewed Cat o' Nine Tails previously by #captainschoiceproducts. Again, long and short of it - a really awesome bay rum scent and excellent face feel. Though much like my previous go at it, I'm just not experiencing the building warmth from this juice. Guess I'm just not sensitive to whatever ingredient it is that causes it. Nevertheless, I don't regret this purchase one bit - like I said, truly an excellent bay rum.

Hardware today was the #Dovo Special #str8 razor and silvertip badger brush, whipping up the business in the #GTP scuttle.

A really nice shave this evening, whacking off about 30 hours of growth... Felt good to be rid of it, and did it in style!