SOTD - March 1, 2018


Shaving Product Review - Jeeves of Hudson Street "Mountain Rain"

Value (Cost, Packaging and Performance)

Lather (Density, Glide and Feel)

Post-shave (Healing, Moisture and Feel)

Scent (Quality, Strength and Longevity)

Each bar has three metrics, each representing 33% of the total (11% = below-avg, 22% = avg, 33% = above-avg, except cost)

Third day of #JeevesWeek with an older release from Jeeves of Hudson Street called Mountain Rain in a matching #soap and #aftershave!

This soap takes you to a place far away from the hustle of the city where you can enjoy the clean freshness of the Ozark air after a summer shower. Mountain Rain can serve two purposes, actually. Rejuvenate yourself as you start your day, OR wind down as you let the stress of the day rinse away.

I'm going to, over the course of the next week, go through each product available from Jeeves of Hudson Street. In case you missed the earlier review of Zulu Foxtrot Golf (military parlance for "ZFG" or "Zero Fucks Given") or Abyss check those out. Unlike the previous Zulu Foxtrot Golf and Abyss you'll note the older branding of Mountain Rain. Same ingredients though.

Here's a recap of the soap performance:

The soap has a deceptively simple formula, but performed very well. Abundant, creamy lather with good cushion, primary and residual slickness. The stand out ingredient is babassu oil which is a palm oil; similar to coconut oil. Its melting point is close to body temperature, so liquefies on contact - this can even produce a (slight) cooling sensation. It's also an effective emollient. The cocoa butter and glycerin provide some skin food for a fairly nice (but not stand out) skin feel, post-shave.

And a recap of the aftershave:

The aftershave, like the soap, also has a deceptively simple ingredient list. Also like the soap, it performed really well. Not so much alcohol where it just burns, as it's balanced well by the witch hazel. Similarly, the menthol isn't too potent where it overpowers the fragrance... Too many aftershaves have this issue. Finally, there's the glycerin which leaves a silky soft face feel without being tacky. Each ingredient is in just the right proportion. The scent strength is a medium, and the longevity a good 6 or so hours.

So how's the scent? Officially, Mountain Rain has no notes listed. I'm thinking it's a bit like this though: top notes of bergamot and orange; middle notes of rose, pine and lavender and bottom notes of cedar, musk and woods. The scent is bright and fresh, a little green - with just a hint of "soapy." What it really reminds me of is Irish Spring bar soap. Like Mickey Lee Soapworks Kraken gives a "fresh laundry" vibe. It's lively, yet not too complex - and entirely uplifting. #JeevesSoaps will actually be discontinuing this scent in favor of something new and somewhat different shortly.

The razor today was again the Masamune from #TataraRazors and also with a #Feather blade, but at least I remembered to toss in a "fresh" blade (actually on shave two; I used it once before in another razor). Much smoother, closer today - as it should be. The brush is the lovely black and white affair from #LowbornSupply sporting a perfectly fitting Tuxedo knot in 24mm. The #GTP scuttle, you guessed it, did the deed.

You might note that besides the main image, there's two product shots of Mountain Rain. They were shot by yours truly in the studio. In fact, for each of the shaves during #JeevesWeek I'll be working through each product he offers, complete with two custom product shots. They're live on the Jeeves of Hudson Street website now!

A much nicer shave than the last one. Funny, the difference a fresh blade makes. Whoops. Anyway... I really enjoyed the simple freshness of the Mountain Rain software. Nothing too deep or complex - just invigorating, light and fresh. Perfect for the spring or warmer days - or when pining for same. When you want to smell good but not "cologny."