SOTD - July 27, 2015


Did someone say Jitterbug Fougére?! It's been hot and muggy, so what better way to beat the heat with this Frost Byte laden SOTD and keep #MentholWeek rolling?

Software today was #PAA Frost Byte #soap to bring a little chill to my face, which it does... But not over the top. Awesome scent of peppermint - nothing more, nothing less. It's like shaving with a roll of Lifesavers. Finished it off with a nice healthy splash of Jitterbug Fougére because, well, I hadn't used it in a while (I'm trying to save it a bit) and I missed the scent - it smells freakin' awesome.

The hardware was my #Dovo silvertip badger brush and #Merkur #Futur razor loaded up with a fresh Bulgarian #PolSilver blade... Which as you probably know by now - was super smooth and sharp for a BBS result. Lovin' it. This is easily my favorite razor and blade combo. The #GTP scuttle kept the chilly suds hot.

Stay tuned later today - it's going to be an EPIC #MailCall day!