SOTD - July 17, 2015


Shaving Product Review - Proraso "Menthol (Green)"

Happy #FriYAY! Today is #ProrasoFriday and #Proraso appreciation day. This Italian classic is economical and loved by many - and makes a great summer shave!

The software is all about Proraso Menthol (green) today and hails from Italy, where it's a super-economical staple. The green "flavor" is the lightly mentholated stuff and features an understated "barber shop" scent_. That is, fresh and clean, maybe a little citrusy - with menthol and eucalyptus quite prevalent. The #soap comes in two tubs; one smaller for travel and one larger (pictured). It is also available in a (tube). You can also choose between the liquid #aftershave or the creamy #balm. All share the same scent.

How's the performance? It's a bit of a dichotomy... Many people these days consider (better) artisanal soaps, with their ultra-thick lather the pinnacle. Proraso will not give you bombastic lather unless you load the crap out of it... Which just isn't necessary. Even with a rather thin coat of lather (which you'll get if you load as usual) the performance is excellent. It's light, fluffy and somewhat thin - but slick and very comfortable to shave with. You'll be rewarded with a close shave. The aftershave splash and balm are both great as far as face feel. I tend to use a balm in the winter and a splash in the summer. The latter is a bit more mentholated/scented - and very refreshing. You just get this image of shaving on a hot, Italian summer day with this stuff.

On the hardware side, the usual suspects... #Dovo silvertip badger brush (perfect for these larger tubs), #Merkur #Futur razor and #GTP scuttle. The interesting part is the continuation of my #PolSilver blade experiment, with today's shave being the seventh on the same blade. You guessed it, still smooth as glass, still sharp - but I suspect the sharpness is starting to drop off now. Not tuggy at all, but not quite as close. Though I did dial the razor down for a nice, mild shave today. We'll see next time!