SOTD - July 15, 2015

Chiseled Face

After some torrential rain and a shaveless day, it's time to get back to business! And what's more apropos for the SOTD than Chiseled Face Summer Storm right?

I talked about today's software a bit in yesterday's first impressions #MailCall but today I actually got to use it. The #soap and #aftershave both can be described, if you had to simplify it, as dirty green fougére - so Summer Storm is a fitting name. The top note is a very wet, earthy hit - with strong elements of fresh cut grass. There's a bit of an ozone vibe in there too, like lighting cutting through the air. As it dries down it "cleans up" a bit, with less of an earthy smell... The mid notes of pine and citrus come in - moving towards more green. On the base we're left with fougére with floral hints. Longevity seems pretty good; I got six hours and then some! Though it does mellow out. I paired it with #Guerlain Vetiver #deo perfect! I just love green scents like these - and 'Storm is complex.

Let's talk about performance. As I mentioned yesterday, the soap is fairly firm and tacky. I skimmed my finger around the little tub a few times to shave off two pea-sized pieces and lathered up in the #GTP scuttle with my #Dovo silvertip badger brush, adding water as I went. In short order I had a nice lather! Cushion, slickness - a real "soft" feel (even after shaving). I love tallow soaps. The scent strength was quite decent (which I love). The aftershave also worked a treat and left my face feeling really good. I suspect the witch hazel and aloe had a lot to do with it. Just enough menthol to let you know it's there... Think Proraso Menthol (Green) level, maybe even a bit less. Overall I'm quite pleased with the performance!

I could see myself owning some #chiseledface products in the near future - especially this one. In fact, I really appreciate that offers samples of all their scents. I wish more did this. It basically convinced me, in one shave, that I'm going biggie size soon.

Now a bit about the remaining ... I'm still on the same blade in the from last week and it was the fifth shave on this blade... The performance was as good as day one! That is to say, suuuuuper smooth and close. These blades really, really shine in this razor (or any other, I suspect). They just eliminate any harshness that you may have "gotten used to" with aggressive razors.

Here's why the soap feels so GOOD - look at these ingredients:

Stearic acid, aloe vera Juice, potassium hydroxide, beef tallow, coconut oil, castor oil, glycerin, fragrance, mango butter, avocado oil, silk powder

What a fitting, great shave today. Face feels awesome and I smell nice!