SOTD - January 20, 2017

K Shave Worx

Shaving Product Review - K Shave Worx "Frosen"

Stick your head right in the refrigerated case at the florist and smell the roses! The #soap and #aftershave from K Shave Worx known as Frosen nails it to a tee!

I've done two reviews of Frosen - this one from a sample and this one from the full-sized tub (and aftershave) so check those out for the real low down on this awesome stuff. As I was shaving with it this morning, the thought struck me of how well executed this particular #KShaveWorx offering is... Not only is the packaging (in the form of label image) right on target, the scent follows right on up. As I mentioned in those other reviews, this isn't your typical, "just a floral rose scent" affair. This one takes a different approach; it's less floral (though still totally on target and unmistakably rose) and more green, like the whole bouquet. On top of that, there's just enough menthol in it to chill your face subtly. It's literally like you stuck your head in the refrigerated case at the florist and took a good whiff. Then there's the name itself, Frosen - spot on. The performance is typical of the brand; a rather nice soap and aftershave, especially for the money. The scents are fairly potent, though longevity is hit or miss when it comes to the aftershaves. Still, it's a good value.

Hardware saw the use of the #Mühle #R89 to close out the week, still fitted with Monday's #PolSilver blade - here on shave five. The #BSB Shaving Brush stirred up the mental image by way of lather in the #GTP scuttle.

A particularly nice offering from the gang at K Shave Worx. If you're a fan of theirs - or floral/rose scents - you should definitely check this one out. Highly recommended!