SOTD - March 24, 2017

K Shave Worx

Shaving Product Review - K Shave Worx "Raspberry Vanilla" and
Guerlain "Habit Rouge"

Raspberries and vanilla - two scents near and dear. Thanks to K Shave Worx Raspberry Vanilla #soap and #aftershave and Guerlain Habit Rouge #EdT!

I did a big ol' review of Raspberry Vanilla from the folks at #KShaveWorx last summer, when I picked up this limited edition for the August 2016 NYC Meet-Up at Pasteur Pharmacy here. I knew the scent(s) were totally my thing and actually grabbed two sets. The problem with having a lot of shaving software is that it might be a while before you come around to using something again, especially if you review a lot of stuff like I do. So today I reached for this combo, having been missing it for a while. Great lather, great shave, lovely face feel once done.

The one downside, as nice as the K Shave Worx scents are, is that a few of them don't last too long - this one especially. No worries; it might be a nice scent for your shampoo but as a cologne? Maybe not so much. I manned it up with #Guerlain Habit Rouge which is essentially a woodsy, leathery floral with vanilla. Check out the full review of Habit Rouge for the details on this classic.

Hardware wise, today's choices included the #Mühle #R89 razor with a #PolSilver blade on shave four, the #BSB Shaving Brush having made a lather bomb of this soap in the #GTP scuttle, and kept it nice and warm.

Great shave on this Friday, with some really nice products. K Shave Worx in a nutshell is Good performance, nice scents and solid value. Definitely give them some consideration. Guerlain of course, needs no introduction. So glad I "accidentally" picked up Habit Rouge over in Europe on my last trip. I was looking in another direction and ended up "coming home" to one of my preferred houses - with a classic. Works for me!