SOTD - August 6, 2015

Dr. Jon's

Shaving Product Review - Dr. Jon's "Svannah Sunrise"

Millions of peaches is the theme for this SOTD - brought to you by Dr. Jon's Savannah Sunrise #soap and #aftershave (new). I've been waiting for this pairing!

You've probably already seen my extensive review of Savannah Sunrise soap by #drjonssoapco so I won't get into that here. Rather, today's of note is the aftershave! These have been eagerly awaited by many, myself included. I even bemoaned the fact that there was no matching aftershave in my soap review.

The top note is all about peaches. More so than the soap, which has a stronger gardenia component. After application, the peach fades a little and allows the more floral elements to come out, which include jasmine, orange blossom and honeysuckle. So it's more complex than just peach, which takes more of a back seat after dry down. Although it's not described on the tin, it actually ends up smelling a little woodsy with bitter orange if you sniff closely. Probably the witch hazel and orange blossom I'm picking up on. Farther away it's a floral peach.

It's got all the right stuff with these ingredients: alcohol, witch hazel, rose water, fragrance, glycerin, aloe, menthol and alum. Indeed, you get a bit of alcohol burn initially, followed by the alum and light menthol kicking in. Finally, the glycerin and aloe which leaves your face feeling truly great!

The hardware today included the #SOC brush, #Mühle #R41 razor fitted with a Bulgarian #PolSilver blade on shave two and of course, the #GTP scuttle to contain the outstanding, plentiful suds.

I'd highly recommend the Dr. Jon's line of aftershaves if you enjoy the soaps. The scent is the same, just more of it. If you've ever wanted the scent to last throughout the day - this is just the ticket.