SOTD - July 6, 2015


Shaving Product Review - Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements "Clubguy"

Yesterday's SOTD - one of the best I've ever had! Tuned up hardware, dependable software and stars aligning... All came together beautifully.

The software consisted of the full suite of PAA Clubguy - #soap, #deo and #aftershave. A fresh take on Clubman Pinaud with the lasting properties and face feel only #PAA offers. The soap performs as any Synergy 2.x; that is to say - excellent.

I think the real trick here lay in the hardware. I completely disassembled my #Merkur #Futur for a thorough cleaning and re-lube... Something I do from time to time. The final piece of the puzzle was a fresh #PolSilver blade (from the recent batch I ordered from Bulgaria). I had a sample blade that I tried in my #Mühle #R41 and it shaved smoother than any other blade I've tried in it. I never did try one in the Futur... I should have! Cranked up to setting 3, I had one of the smoothest, closest shaves in a long time with this combo! Absolutely divine. I may have to reconsider my first choice of go-to blades!

The #SOC brush and #GTP scuttle handled the Whipping of the Suds™ in grand style.