SOTD - August 29, 2016

Barrister and Mann

Shaving Product Review - Barrister and Mann "Ferox" and
Geoffrey Beene "Grey Flannel"

One of my first in a series of SOTD as part of #BarristerWeek where I use a discontinued flavor. Today we have Barrister and Mann Ferox #soap with Geoffrey Beene Grey Flannel #aftershave and #EdT!

I won't talk about the lather performance; it's essentially like all #BarristerMann white/black label soaps. Not quite as slick and nourishing as the latest glissant formulation but it's still very much at the top of the food chain. A quick 25-30s of loading and a healthy dose of water nets ample, extraordinarily dense and creamy lather with very good lubricity and face feel. Absolutely no complaints from me on this formulation. So then, let's talk about the real story here - the scent. It was described as:

Ferox (Latin for "fierce") is comprised of a bright, invigorating combination of grapefruit, sage, thyme, rosemary, tea tree, and vetiver. An unusual soap sure to get you ready for sunshine and gardening!

Indeed, the scent is a masculine, herbal citrus affair. There's not just one note that stands out - rather, as with most of the Barrister and Mann scents, it's a masterful blend with complexity to it. You can definitely get the citrus vibe from the grapefruit, but the sage, thyme and rosemary give it the herbal, somewhat spicy component. The tea tree gives it additional "twang" and on the base is vetiver... Which gives it a grassy sort of base. Very much a "spring like" scent with a lot going on. Kind of like strolling through a freshly watered herb garden on a warm morning. Scent strength is about a medium on this one. Ironically, someone said at one point that the scent reminded them of Italian chicken seasoning - after which sales plummeted and Ferox ultimately discontinued. A real shame as it's a really lovely scent and personally, I think the seasoning comment isn't really accurate or fair. That's focusing on the citrus and herbal components without looking at the bigger palette.

I finished off the shave with Geoffrey Beene Grey Flannel which is a fougére accord. It seemed fitting in keeping the green vibe going. Performance all around is very good, and a super value considering the price. It's an "old school" favorite worn by many. The scent might escape you, but if you smelled it, you'd say "ohhhh yeah!" Good stuff to have on-hand for sure.

Hardware today was the #StandardRazors razor with a fresh #PolSilver blade, and the #Dovo silvertip badger brush whipping up the sunshine in the #GTP scuttle, with a warmth to match the day.

A tried and true, dependable shave from the Barrister and Mann gang, with the discontinued Ferox soap. A great warm weather scent or an escape from the ugly, done in by a wayward review. Remember people, words can hurt. ;)