SOTD - April 24, 2017

L&L Grooming

Shaving Product Review - L&L Grooming "Bandwagon"

Another great offering from L&L Grooming in a "barber shop" scent - hence the name; Bandwagon! The #soap and #aftershave combo is a treat no matter how you slice and dice it.

“Bandwagon” is my tongue-in-cheek addition to the barbershop (inspired) genre. It is heavily based on my memories of going to my grandfather’s barber, Guy, to get my signature bowl cut. He would always finish the cut with talcum powder and a splash of aftershave behind my ears. This scent is my attempt to relive those memories.

Any new release from #landlgrooming is worth getting excited over, even if it's "just a barber shop scent." That's actually where the name comes from - as it seems everyone and their [shave] brother makes a "barber shop scent." What exactly that is, nobody really knows... But you know. Think classic scents found in barber shops, like Pinaud Clubman and the like. Indeed, the notes are a powdery-musk and sandalwood base, bolstered by lavender, camphor, coumarin, tarragon, and a touch of anise with a bergamot top.

Smelling it, it definitely gives on that barber shop vibe... Yet it's different enough to keep it interesting. It's very pleasant; it's light and can be worn in just about any casual daytime setting. In fact, it was designed to be fairly light in strength so as not to interfere with your fragrance choice for the day. I found the longevity good for a couple of hours nonetheless. It's a bit stronger than After the Rain (review) with slightly better longevity. Performance, goes without saying, is top notch across the board.

Hardware for today consisted of the #Merkur #23C razor with a #PolSilver on shave four. This razor definitely prefers sharper blades since it's on the relatively mild side. When I used it originally (and after all the blade trials of a newbie) I usually ran #Gillette 7 O'Clock (black) blades. Fairly comparable, perhaps a touch "edgier." I'll try a #Feather next and refresh my memory. The #SOC brush is the only way to fly with these soft soaps and handled the loading and lathering in the #GTP scuttle with aplomb.

If you can't get enough of L&L Grooming soaps and/or aftershaves, don't overlook Bandwagon. It's a great scent, even if a bit light - with all the usual performance. Great for those days when you want to use your own, third-party fragrance. Of course, there's also an Unscented offering available, should you really want to eliminate any chance of layering.