CRSW "Winter LE" - First Impression

Cold River Soap Works

Shaving Product First Impression - Cold River Soap Works "Winter LE"

Why, it's a Cold River Soap Works #MailCall featuring Winter LE! This scent rounds out my collection of four #coldriversoap seasonals!

This Winter LE rounds out my collection of the four seasonal scent releases from CRSW (which include Spring, Summer and most recently, Fall)... See here for my thoughts on those scents.

Described as " notes of eucalyptus, citrus and ozone with nuances of cranberry. Mid notes of warm spices, carnation and tuberose blend into a warm base of cedar and balsam. The fresh clean scents of a winter day."

I'll be able to comment on the profile better tomorrow after I shave with this much-anticipated release, but sniffing the tin I get balsam and cedar, primarily, backed up by ozone and eucalyptus. The citrus and cranberry are subtle, as are the carnation and tuberose - but round out the scent nicely, adding quite a bit of complexity and depth to the profile. It definitely smells like a winter scent - not so much a holiday scent. That is, not specifically "Christmas-y" - more like picking out a wreath or tree on a chilly day.

The ingredients are the usual and outstanding suspects, so performance is guaranteed:

Tallow, stearic acid, organic goat milk, potassium hydroxide, kokum butter, shea butter, glycerin, essential & or fragrance oil, castor oil, sodium hydroxide, coconut oil, lanolin, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin e, tussah silk protein

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