Cold River Soap Works - First Impressions

Cold River Soap Works

A belated, but equally anticipated Monday Mega #MailCall Part Deux! USPS decided to give this package some extra mileage, so I didn't get it until today...

Wow! Cold River Soap Works (CRSW) reputation precedes it, so I've been very much looking forward to trying these soaps. I didn't jump until the Fall LE (Limited Edition) came out last Wednesday (appropriately for the actual start of autumn on September 23, 2015). Given that the Spring LE (Prato Verde which is now a regular offering) and Summer LE were still in stock made it easy to jumpstart my CRSW collection with three of the four.

I spoke with Larry beforehand and he graciously labeled my Prato Verde with a leftover Spring LE label. This was so cool of him to do, which I really appreciated. Yes, I'm a little OCD like that. :p

I'm really looking forward to the Winter LE which should be out at the beginning of December to complete my little collection, and the scent sounds truly divine... As these three are! So what do they smell like?

Spring: Fresh with sweet grass notes mixing with a light floral and touch of lemon verbena resting on a rich wood base. Quick take; fresh and green.

Summer: Melon and freshly cut cucumber notes mix with a tart citrus and a touch of rose atop a base of musk and cedar. Quick take; sweet and fruity but not cloying.

Fall: Fresh notes of citrus and apple blending with a middle of warm spices including ginger and cinnamon, sitting on a earthy base of musk, patchouli, vanilla, cedar, sandalwood, and noble fir. Quick take; everything you'd picture a spicy fall potpourri to smell like.

Winter: Top notes of eucalyptus, citrus and ozone with nuances of cranberry. Mid notes of warm spices, carnation and tuberose blend into a warm base of cedar and balsam.

The scent strength is robust and on-point with the descriptions. The soap is semi-hard in consistency (it only gives slightly) and fairly smooth on top. It feels deliciously slick on the fingers. The tins are heavy guage, gunmetal in color and feature screw-top lids. Nice! Included with each tin is a card in a black envelope, with a "raised wax seal" (it's really a sticker). This is class.

To say I'm looking forward to giving these a spin would be an understatement! They smell incredible, and I've heard nothing but praise regarding the performance...


Finally got my #coldriversoap Winter LE! Check out the first impression here!