Speick - First Impressions

Speick Product Line

It seems there are some fans - and others interested in, #Speick. So for those not familiar with this line of outstanding (yet inexpensive) products, here's what they look like...

From the left, there's the #balm, shaving #cream, #aftershave, #deo and #EdC. They all have the same scent, which is what is known in German as Kräuter, or herbal - and comes from the speick plant (hence the name).

The shaving cream performs extremely well, building a dense, slick lather. The aftershave and balm are both extremely healing! This stuff is magic for a torn up face. The balm is especially moisturizing, but not heavy or greasy. The deo is a roll-on. Finally, the EdC. It's only so-so as the scent doesn't really match (it's more citrusy) and doesn't last very long.

Speick also makes a newer Active line, which is grey, rather than blue. I highly recommend any of their products. For more info, see this PDF.