SOTD - October 6, 2016

K Shave Worx

Shaving Product Review - K Shave Worx "Berry Blast"

Today's SOTD was inspired by the one year anniversary of #kshaveworx which just released their 366 combo of #soap and #aftershave last night. Alas, I don't have it yet - so here's the next best thing... K Shave Worx Berry Blast!

I've reviewed Berry Blast before so that'll have to do until I get my hands on 366 which is enroute as we speak... Long and short; oh yeah! If you're a fan of any sort of berry scent, this one's almost surely got it covered. Not a single-note berry, oh no - this one's got notes of boysenberries, elderberries, strawberries, guava and pomegranate. Sweet, berry-ish but not cloying.

Hardware for today included, yup, you guessed it - the black #StandardRazors razor on shave two with the #PolSilver blade, with the matching stealth Satin Tip #brush whipping up the delectable suds in the #GTP scuttle.

Happy anniversary to the K Shave Worx gang! Amazing how much can happen in a year. Great products at great value. Hope you'll be around for another year - or several!