SOTD - February 8, 2018


Shaving Product Review - Mickey Lee Soapworks "Jefferson Square"

Value (Cost, Packaging and Performance)

Lather (Density, Glide and Feel)

Post-shave (Healing, Moisture and Feel)

Scent (Quality, Strength and Longevity)

Each bar has three metrics, each representing 33% of the total (11% = below-avg, 22% = avg, 33% = above-avg, except cost)

Enjoying the hard-hitting quad-lavender that is Mickey Lee Soapworks Jefferson Square #soap and #aftershave today to shoo off the winter doldrums.

Created through the distillation of authentic A.O.C. lavender, blended with the peppery, nutmeg scent of burnt wood. A panoramic and complex fragrance, redolent with the rich scents of Provence, in all their ruggedness and mystery. Intended for men, but women love it, too.

I did an extensive review of Mickey Lee Soapworks Jefferson Square before, with a review of Jefferson Square and L'Occitane en Provence Eau de L'Occitan balm and deodorant as well - so check them out for more information.

The razor for today was the #TataraRazors Masamune with a #Feather blade on shave five (and done). The lovely brush in matching lavender, black and white is courtesy of #WildWestBrushworks, with a 24mm Tuxedo knot fitted. The #GTP scuttle did the needful.

A lovely shave; always nice to use Jefferson Square as it smells lovely. #MickeyLeeSoaps did a bang up job on this one. Stay tuned for a fresh new review tomorrow!