Dapper Dragon Soaps Fall Seasonal Releases Coming

Dapper Dragon Soaps Fall Scents

Dapper Dragon Soaps announced their fall offerings today, as well as a few other additions. Pictured is the Autumn Morning #soap. They will be available starting October 1, 2016 on their site.

Autumn Morning

Autumn Morning is perhaps my favorite scent I've ever made. The coffee, dry leaves and lilies just smell like fall to me. It seems that the same is true for many of you - our poll on the subject was overwhelmingly in favor of the return of Autumn Morning.


People really liked Ouroboros! I was surprised, but gratified. And I have listened. I've been getting ready to release the scent again, this time with a full line. Bath soap, shaving soap, and Scale Polish are all planned, and lotion is a possibility, if people are interested.

Ouroboros combines sandalwood, sweet orange, and Egyptian musk for a warm scent.

New Bath Soaps

We've expanded our bath soap line, to include some scents that were honestly long overdue.

  • Sakura
  • Helios
  • Lavender
  • Bubbly Wubbly Soapy Woapy Stuff in light blue, with an apple/rose scent.
  • Tiamat and Signature bath soaps are also being restocked.

Announcing Scale Polish Samples

We'll now be offering samples of our popular Scale Polish line of aftershave gels. Quarter-ounce samples will be $2.50