Barrister and Mann "Hallows" - Last Chance!

Barrister and Mann

I'm going to let you in on some secrets regarding Barrister and Mann Hallows (2016 edition)... Where to get it today and why you'd want to pick some up now!

First, here's some pointers and past articles on this cult status software...

With that out of the way, I regret to inform you - the first secret is that Will of B&M has alluded to the fact that Hallows may not be coming back next year - or worse - ever. The reasons are many; he considers it cursed due to countless logistical and production issues, etc. So if you want Hallows this may be your last chance.

Sigh. One of the many reasons why Hallows will likely not return next year. Simply too many things go wrong with that soap. We're fairly certain it's cursed.

It's honestly not our customers. There were SO may problems with this year's release that happened completely out of public view. Literally everything that could have gone wrong did. Long, nightmarish story.

We haven't made the decision yet, but it's not a knee-jerk reaction to a couple of complaints; it's a judgement that perhaps the soap is just so logistically difficult because of its reputation that it might kill both Mom and myself the next time we attempt it.

But you missed this year's pre-order and you can't get it on the #barristermann website, you say? Here's the next secret. You can still get the combo at Amazon for $54.99 or just the soap at Amazon for $27.99 (there were 400 tubs and 200 aftershaves stocked initially) and you can also get just the aftershave at Maggard for $23.00 (there are currently 14 left in stock). There's also some aftershave left at Mini Moustachery for $23.00. That means that for $51-55 (plus any applicable tax and shipping) you can still get your own Hallows combo set! Do not delay.


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Shaave's picture

I've had Hallows on Amazon bookmarked for a while now. Wonder how fast it'll sell out now from this article and the discussion on DFS. Maybe I gotta pull the trigger now. Honestly I think it should be discontinued if it's that much of a headache for Will. People don't understand what he goes through, they just want his soap.

BoarderPhreak's picture

Between this article and that discussion, I'm sure people will take notice. I can say that over half a dozen people already acted on this very post so far, via Amazon - and Maggard's stock dropped by two as well. If you really want Hallows, I wouldn't wait. As for Will's side of things, I don't blame him, honestly... Especially in light of some of the shenanigans that people have perpetrated upon him over the last year, which have been appalling (e.g. Passiflora, Night Music, etc.).