Various news from artisans, vendors and more as it relates to the wet shaving community.

It's Lavender Season

Lavender...  Lots of it.

Apparently spring 2017 is lavender season in shavedom. There have been almost a dozen new lavender scents released so far (or very soon). It stands to reason, as it's a decidedly springtime scent. This fine fragrance note has been used for hundreds, even thousands of years in soaps and fragrances and is seeing quite the renaissance this year!


Dr. Jon's "Flowers in the Dark" Coming

Dr. Jon's "Flowers in the Dark"

The scent of lavender with a soothing undertone that is somehow familiar yet unnatural. After the lavender fades all that remains is something resembling coffin wood and ozone, a disturbingly pleasant combination... Flowers in the Dark by Dr. Jon's will be released as a shaving soap, aftershave and EdT on June 1st, 2017 and will also be available to everyone attending the meet up at Maggard Razors in May. Be sure to check out all the #DrJonsSoapCo #soap and #aftershave reviews as well!

June Blockbuster by Chatillon Lux and L&L Grooming

Chatillon Lux and L&L Grooming

June is shaping up to be an insane month in the shavosphere. All I can say is, "start saving up now." Two vendors whom I've raved about are #landlgrooming and #chatillonlux (click either hashtag for reviews). These guys made my Top & Bottom Ten Artisans of 2016 (and Top & Bottom Ten Artisans of 2017) lists for a reason... Anyhow, they often team up together for soap and post-shave provision combos and it's looking like June (the second anniversary of Chatillon Lux) will be a blockbuster as they party together with L&L Grooming to release a trio of must-have, limited edition combos...

K Shave Worx Spring 2017 Releases

K Shave Worx Spring 2017

K Shave Worx has released four scents in combos of #soap and #aftershave in the form of Kashmir, Saratoga, Strop and Bourbon and Snow Dog - all except for the last also feature a #balm. All are available immediately; the soaps go for $9.50 and $15.50 in 2 / 5oz. sizes respectively, the aftershaves for $12.50 in 100ml and the balms for $12.50 in a 2oz. size. Check out the #KShaveWorx site for more info and ordering.