Specific information and news about razors; Double Edge (DE), Single Edge (SE) and Straight (#str8).

Aluminum Above the Tie Razors Coming

Above the Tie - Aluminum Razor Prototype

Above the Tie is working on an aluminum #razor due for release soon; the prototype is seen here. The total weight of the new razor is 38g (1.4oz) while the handle is 26g (0.9 oz.). This razor has not been anodized yet so the appearance is a little strange looking... It will be resolved during the last step of the production process where it will be tumbled and then anodized (whereas the stainless steel is bead blasted). The price will be around half of the cost of their stainless steel line.


Coming Soon - The Mühle Rocca Razor

Mühle "Rocca" Razor

German company #Mühle of #R89 and #R41 fame, among many, many other great products... Is introducing a new razor called the Rocca soon. They've been teasing it on social media with hashtags such as DLC and Jet which we can only assume means it will have a Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) as they have used in the past (the Mühle R89 Jet produced in a limited edition of 500 - that sold out in only two days). It also looks to be a new design rather than just a new finish on an existing #razor. The name "Rocca" is rather ambiguous. Details are still very scant, as is the release date. Enjoy the teaser photos in the meantime and I'll keep you posted! UPDATED - see below!

OneBlade in Trouble

The Overpriced OneBlade

The crazy overpriced OneBlade #razor appears to have an issue. The regular razor is $299, and you can opt for a low-serialed "collector's edition" for a cool $1,000. If you want it in black, be prepared to shell out $2,500. And it is suggested that you replace the blade for every shave... At $.93 each. But all of that is irrelevant as it appears that the very Feather blades they sell and recommend, "smile" when inserted into the latest razors. That is, they're not held flat as they should be - rather, they bow down in the middle, in effect, looking like the blade is smiling. They've been quiet on the matter, but not the shaving forums; for example, the lengthy threads on DFS and Shave Nook to name a couple. The best advice right now - is stay away until this #drama is sorted, maybe with a fresh batch.


Why Your Grandfather's Razor is the New Shaving Trend

Not your grandfather's razor

Over on Fashionista is an article called "Straight Safety Razors For a Better Shave" which is a bit confused, but nevertheless, is nice to see in the "mainstream press" as they're noticing the uptick in wet shaving as a trend. A bit light in content, somewhat informational. Either way, good press!


Scapers Shaving Invention for "Down Under"

Scapers Shaving Render

Troy, from Surrey British Columbia believes he has invented the solution to shave your more... Tender bits "down under." Essentially an electric #razor with interchangeable, purpose-built heads. You can get more information on the Scapers Shaving website and if you're interested, he's got a campaign on Indiegogo that you can check out as well.