SOTD - March 15, 2017

Tallow + Steel

Shaving Product Review - Tallow+ Steel "Dark"

Dark and mysterious - like an After Eight confection... Tallow + Steel Dark #soap and #aftershave!

I'll start off by saying that I did a first impression of Tallow + Steel products before and even reviewed Dark specifically. I hadn't used this one in a while and figured it was high time. I've been preferring the Rainforest combo more, honestly. Not to slight this one, by any means. Long and short of it is that the performance is very, very good. Great lather that's abundant, creamy and slick - with a great face feel, boosted by the aftershave. Definitely check out those linked reviews for more information.

The hardware today included the #StandardRazors razor fitted with a #PolSilver blade, #BSB Shaving Brush and #GTP scuttle rounding things out.

I have to admit, the scent on this one comes and goes for me, but the more I use it - the more I like it (again). It's definitely a bit out of the ordinary, but very nice. If you're looking to get into #tallowandsteel I might suggest perhaps starting with a different scent first. Eventually you'll own them all, no doubt...