SOTD - July 6, 2016


Shaving Product Review - Cold River Soap Works "Summer LE" and
Krampert's Finest "Frostbite" and
Geir "Ness"

It's all about summer in this SOTD - featuring products from Cold River Soap Works, Krampert's Finest and Geir!

I decided to mix things up a little today, with an overriding summer theme with hints of winter to cool it back down. Starting with the #soap from #coldriversoap - Summer LE (reviews and Long and short of it, it has notes of melon and freshly cut cucumber notes mix with a tart citrus and a touch of rose atop a base of musk and cedar and the performance is absolutely top notch, producing copious thick, yogurty lather with ample slickness and amazing post-shave face feel.

Since there's no matching splash, I followed it up with Krampert's Finest Frostbite . Actually one of my first purchases when I first got into wet shaving years ago; it's fantastic. The ingredients are simple: witch Hazel, alcohols (isopropyl, ethyl and propoxylated), vegetable glycerine, natural scent and color along with lots of frankincense and menthol! The latter two are what really sets it apart. Excellent face feel and cooling yet disappears, scent-wise, to allow you to use whatever cologne you wish...

Which is when I ended with Geir Ness (which I extensively reviewed here: and Today's shave is much like the winter shave pictured in that second review, save for the soap. Just good stuff all around!

Hardware today was the #Mühle R89 razor with a fresh #Feather blade , #BSB Shaving Brush and my trusty #GTP scuttle.

Killer shave with excellent products, from soup to nuts. Start off with fruity melons and musk, then hit the frankincense and menthol followed up by herbal, woodsy citrus. So many scents on a lovely morning journey and feeling like a million bucks!