Catie's Bubbles Fall Seasonal Releases Coming

Catie's Bubbles Fall Scents

Catie's Bubbles will be releasing a seasonal favorite, Connecticut Shade on October 7, 2016 at 5pm EST. There will also be a couple of last year's fall scents on offer... For a limited time.

On describing Connecticut Shade #CatiesBubbles says:

The first thing that hits the nose are the notes of vanilla and the cherry tobacco accord making for an almost maple syrup type of scent. The other tobacco accords come into play deepening its complexity while the light woodiness of oak grounds it and nutmeg spices it up slightly to keep the sweetness from being cloying.

Based loosely on Connecticut shade tobacco, it proved to be popular in the past and was this year's Northeast Meet-up #soap. Catie's Bubbles definitely has fans, so this is worth checking out.