B&M "Le Grand Chypre" & "Dickens" - First Impressions

Shaving Product First Impression - Barrister and Mann "Le Grand Chypre" & "Dickens"

#MailCall! Barrister & Mann Le Grand Chypre and Dickens goodies!

#Barristermann has upped the game on packaging in the shaving world. Hallows pretty much took the cake, but Dickens is no less awesome... Ensconced in a clear "gift bag" is a festive, holiday tissue paper-wrapped tub with an embossed gold seal (sticker). Le Grand Chypre didn't quite get The Treatmentâ„¢ but it's still pretty sweet... Green PET tub with custom labeling; green and chrome on black. And... Two Hershey's kisses to seal the deal!

How are the scents? Glad you asked!

Le Grand Chypre: OMG. I wasn't totally sure what to expect, but I knew that coming from B&M it had to be good... Yeah, this is all that - and then some. The headline combination of citrus, oakmoss, labdanum, rose and frankincense combine in a way that's hard to describe - but if you're familiar with chypre ("SHEEP-RUH") scents... This is a grand take indeed. There's actually a lot more going on here. As described, "...bergamot, lime, labdanum, and a touch of patchouli, peachy Persicol, blended with notes of rose, frankincense, cedar, various musks and other perfume compounds." A very complex scent! In a nutshell, I'd describe it as a green, peachy scent with a spicy citrus kicker. Oh, man.

See here for the Le Grand Chypre SOTD!

NOTE: The soap has already sold out at Barrister and Mann (350 out of 500). You'll need to check out Maggard Razors, Italian Barber, Badger Shaving Co., ShaveRevolution, Merchant & Rhoades, and MenEssentials for stock.

Dickens: From the description, it's described as a sort of holiday cookie scent with notes of cherry, black pepper, nutmeg, cardamom, and lemon - making for a spicy, sweet and festive scent. No lie! It smells exactly like spiced holiday oatmeal cookies that you may know. It's not an overly sweet, gingerbread or weird dough scent... No, this is much more interesting. I can see why there's no matching aftershave for this scent. Not that I wouldn't wear it myself, but...

See here for the Dickens SOTD!