SOTD - June 19, 2015


Shaving Product Review - Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements "Honeysuckle" & "Al Fin"

#FriYAY!!! Clearly I wasn't the only one to have this thought for the SOTD ... A tribute to PAA Al Fin in celebration of the pending Otra release!

The software perhaps needs no introduction... #PAA Al Fin is a complex, floral sort of vibe - with a nice menthol kick. We're assured that it's too expensive to make soap from it, though surely every fan of Al Fin would buy it. Since I don't have it, I used the underrated Honeysuckle which truly smells divine. Totally like sticking your face into a honeysuckle bush and it screams spring/summer! It pairs with many things or just because.

The hardware today was interesting. I was going to use the #Feather AS-D2 razor for an easy, breezy FriYAY! shave but at the last minute I decided I wanted close - real close. So the #Mühle #R41 stood in for the first two passes, and I did the third with the Feather. Voila! The #SOC brush just keeps on keepin' on. This bad boy is bloomin' bigger than an onion at Outback. Love it. The #GTP scuttle kept things together.

Now then... Let's get this OTRA thing going! I'll be grabbing Mal Pais as well.