Mickey Lee Soapworks to Close

It is with sadness we must report that one of our favorite vendors, #mickeyleesoaps will be closing its doors after five years in business. We've been lucky to enjoy both the company of Eric and Sammy as well as their products, but military commitments mean that continuing Mickey Lee Soapworks isn't in the cards; from an earlier announcement. We wish them both health and happiness in their future endeavors. See below for the full statement.

This is a very difficult post to write, especially after being able to share such great news of Eric's promotion to chief.

But the time has come for us here at Mickey Lee Soapworks to close up shop. With Eric's new rank, it also means another move. Much sooner than we initially thought; we are slated to move the end of September.

We've been so very fortunate to have had such support to be in business for 5 years. When we first started experimenting with making shave soap we never knew the wild ride we were in for. Being an active duty family and trying to run a business has been very difficult. Moving a family last minute is difficult on its own, but having to uproot a business on top of it is even more stressful. This is why we've made the choice to close before our next move. We will be keeping our site open through the end of the month.

To be able to fully convey our depth of gratitude would be impossible, but we want you all to know how much of an impact you've all made on our lives. We never expected the support we received and we've constantly been blown away. We've made so many friends and gotten so share so much with so many of you. We've seen some of you get married, have children, buy homes...it's been amazing!

There are some of you in the shave community who have become lifelong friends. First of all, Casie and Brad Maggard, you took a chance on us when we were brand new. It's not only been an honor to be carried by your shop, but to also call you both friends. Chris Cullen, our big brother. You and your family will always be our family. Jason Rudman, Jason Spiegelman, and Chad Irish...the support and friendships you all have given us will be something we'll always cherish.

For everyone who ever bought from us, passed us along to a shave friend, or just offered words of encouragement/support through the years...without all of you, we never would have been. Thank you, from the bottoms of our hearts.