Martin de Candre Limited Edition Releases


#MdC or Martin de Candre of Paris, France (retail) and Fontevraud l’Abbaye (production) - perhaps needs no introduction. Starting tomorrow, December 2, 2016 - they will be offering Rose and Vetiver limited edition shaving #soap in their online store! Pricing has not been released.

You waited for them... Here they are ! Discover the Rose and the Vetiver shaving soaps ! Available for sale tomorrow !

UPDATE (12/02/16):

Both limited editions are now live on their online store!

Grab the Vetiver for €48 ($51) and/or the Rose for €52 ($55).

Always starting from the same manufacturing process, to obtain the same quality of soap paste, we have chosen to offer you two new versions "Rose" and "Vétyver", inspired by the ideas and comments that you have been numerous To communicate to us.

We especially thank the men who have tried these soaps in preview. Here is what they say:


"A powerful smell of Rose but still natural!"

"There is a sensation of freshness which surprised me, which is unique ..."

"The perfume comes out, and made natural."


"We found the smell of the Vétyver ..."

"It foams very well, there is a marked perfume, which evolves well on the skin ..."

"We smell a" dry "woody smell in the background ..."

"It's the Vétyver that is not softened, a bit smoky ..."