SOTD - February 24, 2017

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Wholly Kaw

Wholly Kaw "Fern Concerto"

Geoffrey Beene "Grey Flannel"

Combining two great fougére scented products today - Wholly Kaw Fern Concerto #soap and Geoffrey Beene Grey Flannel #aftershave and #EdT!

This is my second shave with Wholly Kaw Fern Concerto (check out the full review) so I won't repeat everything here. One thing I wanted to point out was that this time, I didn't get that Brut vibe as I did the first time. Maybe it was just the nature of a fresh tub, or the whims of a nose on a different day. Performance wise, I was once again impressed as it produced fairly dense and creamy lather with excellent glide and very good secondary lubricity. There was plenty of cushion and just as much glide; I was able to make touch-ups as-needed without any lather present. Their tallow soaps stand out.

For the scent, I decided to go with Geoffrey Beene Grey Flannel (mentioned quite a few times here) since it's of the fougére family. The aftershave works rather well, surprisingly. Not outstanding, but better than you might expect for inexpensive OTC aftershave. Granted, it won't compete with most artisan offerings, you can use it comfortably - and it helps to boost the scent of the EdT. Which as you probably know (if you're a fan) is already... Robust. Good stuff, and dirt cheap - the value ratio is very good on this one.

Hardware today consisted of the Standard Razor with a fresh #PolSilver blade with the #Dovo silvertip badger brush whipping up the goods in the #GTP scuttle.

A nice pairing of fougére scented products. Considering the performance of the Wholly Kaw offering, I'd definitely recommend you give it a go. The new labeling that's been on their products for a while now definitely steps it up a notch.