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What is Ariana & Evans?

Ariana & Evans

The brand Ariana & Evans recently came on the scene (launched in April 2017) and is billed as the retail arm of The Shaving Shop) (a.k.a. The Club) and also available at Pasteur Pharmacy in NYC. But what is it, really? We take a look at the ingredients to find out if it's really a new luxury brand - or just marketing and promotion.

Site Improvements at Daily Lather!

Site Improvements!

I'm happy to announce two big improvements on the site that I think everyone will love... The first is an all new search engine and the second is a new scoring system! They both make the site more helpful and informative, and they're something I've been wanting to do for a while. Read more below for a full explanation of each!


It's Lavender Season

Lavender...  Lots of it.

Apparently spring 2017 is lavender season in shavedom. There have been almost a dozen new lavender scents released so far (or very soon). It stands to reason, as it's a decidedly springtime scent. This fine fragrance note has been used for hundreds, even thousands of years in soaps and fragrances and is seeing quite the renaissance this year!


Curing Common Shaving Brush Woes

A whorl in a synthetic knot

New shaving brushes are awesome, aren't they? With some basic care, most will last many years and some perhaps, your lifetime. Sometimes though, they develop... Issues. With better brushes being as expensive they are, the idea of an early demise is not a welcome one. So let's take a look at some of the most common issues - and how to fix them!