The #Mühle #R89 shaving head, debuted in 2009 - same as the Edwin Jagger E89.

Coming Soon - The Mühle Rocca Razor

Mühle "Rocca" Razor

German company #Mühle of #R89 and #R41 fame, among many, many other great products... Is introducing a new razor called the Rocca soon. They've been teasing it on social media with hashtags such as DLC and Jet which we can only assume means it will have a Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) as they have used in the past (the Mühle R89 Jet produced in a limited edition of 500 - that sold out in only two days). It also looks to be a new design rather than just a new finish on an existing #razor. The name "Rocca" is rather ambiguous. Details are still very scant, as is the release date. Enjoy the teaser photos in the meantime and I'll keep you posted! UPDATED - see below!