#EdT is Eau de Toilette - generally the second strongest scent strength for men's fragrances. #EdP is stronger and #Cologne is weaker.

Chatillon Lux Releases Coming!

Chatillon Lux "TSM Fougére"

Chatillon Lux revealed today that they will be releasing a new winter seasonal scent on Black Friday - November 25, 2016 - called Unconditional Surrender. It's inspired by Ulysses S. Grant and features notes of amber, tonka bean, cedarwood and agarwood, with cigar tobacco, amyris, vetiver, black tea, jasmine and geranium supporting it! The scent will be made available in all three of the formulations (aftershave, salve and toner) and as an #EdT - along with the much anticipated EdT release of Gratiot League Square.