Dr. Jon's - First Impressions

Dr. Jon's Goodies

Monday Mega #MailCall continues - part three! This time, a healthy selection of the awesome Dr. Jon's soaps, Hex and Classic along with the collab soap Raz*War and a mystery...

If you're been reading my reviews, you know that I rave about #DrJonsSoapco (and lately, aftershaves as well). But these scents are new to me. What are they?

Classic - Rosemary, bergamot, lavender, lime, cedar and vetiver
Hex - Cedar, black pepper, orange and cinnamon
Raz*War - Sandalwood, allspice, black pepper and mandarin

What might that mystery be, you ask? It's a tin of 's experimental batch of #soap with increased slickness in the Aprhodite scent... Which should be mind-blowing, as his soaps are already the slickest I've ever used.

Aphrodite - Black currant, rose, apple and pomegranate

Woohoo! Reviews to follow. ;)