Caties Bubbles - Berry Good Noah

April 26, 2017 (Wednesday) 5:00pm EDT

This Wednesday at 5pm NJ time Caties Bubbles will launch this year's fundraiser product for the Utah PWSA.

It is almost time for this year's "Noah" soap to help raise money for the Utah Prater-Willi Syndrome Association.

I had the pleasure of having The Clean Shaver here in person last month to help design the fragrance for this year's fundraiser offering (so if you don't like it, blame him.)

We went for a berry patch, or berries on the vine idea.

Starting with a blend of strawberries and apples over a fougere base (cedarmoss, lavender and coumarin) and then bridging the gap with some benzoin, galbanum, West Indies bay, and amyris to tie everything together and smooth it out.

I've sent the image files to the print shop tonight and we're almost there. Here's a look at what is coming.